February 2021 - Mindful Pre-Production


Love transcends space & time, brings comfort & security and is a proverbial source of strength; love IS all you need. So why do we only celebrate love one day a year, solely focusing on the romantic end of it?

During these pandemic times, we are hopefully learning what we love and what we don’t, be them hobbies or lifestyle choices, mental or emotional states of being, relationships with ourselves or with others. One thing is for sure, we clearly LOVE our work, which is a lot more than most folks can say.

In a time when our community has been stripped of so much, maybe it’s best to celebrate these little lessons, as they are the easiest moments of love that we can immediately appreciate and enjoy. Small wins go a long long way, especially in these times. Much like the feeling you get when providing fresh donuts for the local’s 15 coffee, it’s the small wins that are the easiest to feel positive about and to love.

So perhaps we can spend our time focusing on what we love, rather than focusing on what we don’t, putting a priority on loving the little things for all they are worth.

Every day is a new load in… Every day we begin again

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