January 2021 - Mindful Pre-Production


With the new year comes new resolutions, plans and hopes. Some hold and some fade in time. Whether they hold or fade, whether we perceive success or failure, is all rather inconsequential.

The action of trying is the most important step, to consciously help yourself in a positive way, is the most significant part.

If you are unhappy in an area of your life, only a conscious effort can alter that discontent. Just like we can’t wish for load in to go quicker, instead we have to reevaluate, consciously plan better and try again.

Taking some positive action for yourself, is an achievement on its’ own and worth celebrating. Taking a moment at any point in time, to realign, recalibrate or even restart, is always a healthy step regardless of the time of year. So why not try to help your body, mind and/or spirit right now? It don’t cost nothing.

Constantly try every day, don’t focus on the outcome, just show up and try.

Every day is a new load in… Every day we begin again

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