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Touring Professionals Alliance Kitchen to Provide Meals to the

Denver Live Music Professionals Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic



While COVID-19 has been challenging for everyone, no industry has taken a more devastating hit than live music. More than a year ago and counting, venues were forced to close and tours were forced to cancel, and nearly the entire workforce of live music professionals, whose livelihoods depend on live events suddenly found themselves, and their industry, out-of-work. Relief along the way has been hard to come by. And even today - perhaps now more than ever - far too many dedicated, hard-working crew, who have brought us joy and music are still struggling; unsure of how they will pay rent or get their next meal.


As you have seen, for the last many months, the Touring Professionals Alliance (TPA) (a non-profit, 501c3 organization) has been working tirelessly to feed and employ out of work live entertainment professionals through the Touring Professionals Alliance Kitchen (TPAK) program. Partnering with nationally renowned restaurant chefs in music cities across the United States including Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, Chicago, the Bay Area and the New York area, our kitchen programs have so far served nearly 14,000 chef prepared, high quality, take-home comfort meals to our industry brothers and sisters, in need for themselves and their families.

The TPA remains steadfast in our mission of caring for our crew and our industry. The program ends in Nashville soon, but our goal is to continue our ongoing operations to include locations such as Minneapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, Portland and beyond. Now is the time to keep shining the spotlight on crew and take care of their meals for a night. Even if just for a moment, this program has made them feel appreciated, allowed for a mutual connection and given support to restaurants who are also struggling during this time. 

We are committed to continuing our TPAK program throughout 2021 and into 2022, as long as there is a need. But we cannot do it alone. 

We know plans change. If you can no longer make your reservation date, please cancel within 24 hours. We would love to have the opportunity to make the meals available (again), so that other crew and their families may also benefit!



523 E 17th Ave,

Denver, CO 80203




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Ace Eat Serve

501 E 17th Ave,

Denver, CO 80203







Josh Wolkon & Jenny Wolkon

Vesta, Steuben’s and Ace Eat Serve are one big family with nearly 300 members. On the surface, the worlds of Vesta, Steuben’s and Ace are entirely different, but a common thread of incredible people, delicious food and positive vibes make these restaurants sisters that share the “Secret Sauce”. 

Currently, Jenny heads the “Secret Sauce Serves”, a hands-on community outreach program for our staff of over 300 people. Every month we volunteer at a local non-profit organization serving communities such as homeless youth and women, people with life-threatening illnesses and underserved children in Denver.

Chef Thach Tran

Chef Thach Tran (whose first name is pronounced “Ta”) first fell in love with food on the streets of his birthplace in Saigon, Vietnam. At just seven years old, Thach began washing dishes at his grandmother's noodle restaurants, where she patiently taught him to appreciate the intricacies of good food. 

When Thach was nine years old, his grandmother sold her restaurants and moved the family to the U.S., hoping to find a better life. The convenience foods that were Thach’s first introduction to American cuisine left him feeling disappointed and confused. Thach began to study Western cooking, hoping to achieve a better understanding of American cuisine. 

In 2010, Thach graduated from the culinary program at Johnson & Wales University. In August of 2016, he became the Executive Chef of Ace Eat Serve in Uptown. The lively dining room, ping-pong hall, bar and patio perfectly complement Thach's creative, interactive and authentically inspired culinary creations. At Ace, Chef Thach has the opportunity to share his passion and experience cooking both Asian and American cuisine with the Denver dining community.