The Touring Professionals Alliance (TPA) brings together those who run the day-to-day of the live music touring business with the goal of finding solutions to help our industry, particularly crews and vendors, during the COVID-19 pandemic

We also believe this period of inactivity can be put to good use to create a more structured live
music industry. We believe that gathering and maintaining data about the live touring music
industry workforce will make us stronger. The TPA strives to address the unique needs of our
community, including assistance in finding aid for crew members facing economic hardship, to assist with health insurance, to tackle the mental health issues facing touring crew, and more. The TPA
aims to address the immediate impact COVID-19 has had on our community while also preparing for future disasters.

We will seek to broaden our membership to include all the various disciplines
We seek to engage with the ‘upstairs’ management, promoters, and agents to assist with the
broad-reaching decisions that will need to be made as we seek to return to work in a safe and
sustainable way.

We will look to help in simplifying access for young people who are looking for a career in
our business. We will offer assistance in mentorship and education.
We will align with the industry’s many vendors to ensure we move forward in a cohesive


We will engage with the various Health and Safety organizations whose good work keeps crew safe on the job.


Membership opening soon