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About The Touring Professionals Alliance

About The TPA

The Alliance was formed in the difficult times of the pandemic. A group of like-minded Production and Tour managers came together to have a conversation about how they could help the industry during this struggle; and particularly the crew and vendors for whom they worried greatly.

These crew who spend most of their lives on the road, all over the world in thousands of venues but all the time connected by a common passion for putting on a show…All this came to an abrupt stop in March and everyone was sent home…for many a fairly unfamiliar place. Add to this a total loss of income and a concern that even their career may be in jeopardy.

With These Facts as Motivation the Goals Became Clear:

  1. To reach out to as many crew as possible to see how they were doing.
  2. To find the support groups that were out offering support in the area of mental wellbeing and point crew, who were struggling, to them.
  3. To work on a campaign to raise funds to assist crew who were in financial difficulty.
  4. To look beyond the pandemic to see how the business will change and to be ready to be involved in a sensible discussion about how we will all navigate those changes.
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