Episode #35 with Dale "Opie" Skjerseth

Episode #35 with Dale "Opie" Skjerseth

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Dale “Opie” Skjerseth describes himself as a “brick and mortar” production manager. I would imagine that is what it takes to handle The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Guns n Roses all at the same time.

Opie is one of the most respected and successful production managers in our industry, having followed in the footsteps of his legendary mentors, Jake Berry and Charlie Hernandez.

Listen as Opie describes how he started working in clubs with local bands, cut his teeth with Sha-Na-Na, and how working on the lighting crew created the platform on how to be a stage manager. He has strong beliefs and opinions, and is not afraid to share them.

Please also see here a link to something he is very passionate about: a project he did with “Alliance for Lifetime Income.”

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