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The TPA encourages those in the industry to #GetVaccinated when the opportunity becomes available to help get back to a more normal 2021 and 2022.

Musically Fed is an experienced non-profit that collects leftover and unused backstage meals and distributes them to the homeless, hungry and food insecure, all while assuming the food handling insurance and certificates so venues, promoters and tour managers assume no legal risk.

Backline offers mental health and wellness resources in a safe, private place for music industry professionals. They also have many exclusive offers to benefit wellness, and their monthly newsletter connects industry pros with trusted organizations and care providers.

TPA once again teams up with Tour Production Group for a web presentation on May 25 to chat with Matt Kansy, a registered dietician and former production professional. As a health and wellness coach, Matt shares advice on how to stay healthy while out on the road.

The Touring Professionals Relief Kitchen (TPRK), a TPA partnership with The LEE Initiative, continues its mission of crafting, hot, take-home meals to industry members and their families in Oakland and Nashville.

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